What an Internet Search Doesn’t Tell You about Preparing for Private Island Trips

    What an Internet Search Doesn’t Tell You about Preparing for Private Island Trips

    The thought of spending a few days in an island is exciting, especially if you’ve been quite frazzled with work, errands, and otherday-to-day responsibilities. With sheer determination to have an amazing vacation, you start typing on your keypad to look for the best island resorts out there. As the search results immediately appear, it’s probably tempting to just quickly look through an island and hotel’s features thenimmediately book for the trip. Still, it’s always wise to consider how a private island may be more than what meets the eye.

    Here are some tips you’ll need to know about flying to private islands, and these don’t usually appear on top of a Google Search:

    Have a Checklist of Your Private Island Must-Haves

    Before diving intoa plethora of private island possibilities, you must first have your own list of non-negotiable features which a hotel must have. You’d be surprised by how some establishments do not have well-functioning air conditioning units or clean toilets. It goes without saying that thesestaples should be made available by all hotels. Instead of being surprised by their lack ofessentials, it’s best to call your prospective establishment and make sure the items on your list are met.Your requirements may include swimmable beaches, helpful staff members, andgood tasting food among others.

    Verify Whether the Hotel’s Amenities Match the Price You’re Paying For

    There are countless scenarioswhere the tourists’ resort experience don’t quite match the prices they’ve paid for. Check whether your shortlisted hotels can indeed bring the experience they’re showcasing online. Beyond reading reviews, see photos about their sceneries and facilities through social media.

    After confirming whether your array of prospective hotels hasyour preferred features, you must also compare their prices. These establishments have varying prices, depending on the thoroughness of their amenities and services. If you can do without some facilities and other frills, you’ll certainly have more chances of saving hundreds even up to thousands ofdollars.

    Check the Quality of their Food

    If you’re a foodie type of vacationer, it can be frustrating to taste subpar dishes in your hotel. Being on a private island certainly wouldn’t help if you’re seeking for a variety of restaurants which cook the country’s native dishes. There’s no need to sacrifice your taste buds just because you’d like to experience the exclusivity and serenity of a private island. Click on the menu and see the specialty dishes of your potential hotel. Be keener on the details of how these are cooked and about the ingredients they use. If they’re thorough enough in showcasing what they serve, then they’ll likely be meticulous about actually preparing your delicious meals during your stay.


    How’s the Beach’s Vicinity?

    The purpose of staying on a private island is to enjoy the sound of the beach’s waves without hearing echoes of crowds in the background. To experience some peace and quiet, be sure your resort or the room you’ll be staying in doesn’t have a farm at the back. There were actually stories of honeymooners who couldn’t rest well as they kept on hearing the sound of rooster crows near their rooms.

    More importantly, you must also check on the beach’s quality of sands and clear waters. See if there’s enough room for you to swim in, without having to avoid too many corals or seaplants. Are their sands actually powdery as shown in the pictures? Can you frolic on them without worrying much if there are sharp stones which might stub your toe? When the beach’s vicinity gets cleared, you’ll be even more assured of spending memorable swimming sessions on the private island.

    Know the Island’s Activities

    See if the island’s program of activities and other leisurely offerings meet your idea of a vacation. Are you the type who’d appreciate a lot of idle time and pampering? If so, then check if your hotel has massage and spa services. Snorkeling and kayaking would be pleasant additions to the resort’s activities.

    If you’re the type who’d like to have more action while vacationing, pick a private resort with facilities to accommodate water sports. It would be a plus if they also specialize in extreme activities. No day would certainly be a bore when you de-stress by riding on jet skis, practicing your wakeboarding moves, Stand Up Paddlingand trying out every possible sport in the island.

    Surely, there are many more tips you’ll find useful as you prepare for a private island vacation. These mentioned insider details will, however,make sure your upcoming vacation won’t turn out to be a bust. Instead, you can look forward to relaxing views and a memorable experience far from the busyness of your usual lifestyle.